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Sophora Microphylla

What You Should Know About Sophora Microphylla

Choosing the right type of plant for any space is a big job. The right plant defines the space, adds color to it, and enhances the value. It creates a cohesive space you simply love looking at on a regular basis. When you choose a nursery you need to know who you are buying from, what they have to offer, and what to expect from any product purchased. One of the options we offer at Nurseryman is sophora microphylla. Could this be the plant you need for your property?

What Does It Offer?

Sophora (Kowhai) is a tree, which ranges in height from about 4.5 to 12 metres depending on the specific variety selected and how it is maintained. The native South Island Kowhai (microphylla) is one of the hardiest of all sophora species. It does well in most temperatures too, including those that are rather cold in the middle of winter. It can be trimmed to a evergreen shrub, or left to grow as a tree. In all cases, it has a stunning display. This particular sophora has small leaves with numerous interlacing interlocking branches. As the tree gets older, these tend to fade.

For those seeking a statement tree, one that will define a space, Sophora microphylla is an excellent choice. It can prove to be very versatile and does not require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to remain stunning and beautiful.

When you need a nursery you can count on us at Nurseryman to help. We offer a range of beautiful trees and plants. Each product we sell is exceptional and designed to be healthy. When you want to grow something unique in your garden, we encourage you to reach out to us for our large selection of options.

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