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Choosing Shrubs for Privacy

Investing in your property means creating a beautiful, green outdoor space you love spending time in, but not all property owners like an open space. Many want a more private garden or a yard with more refined and defined areas. You can purchase plants to help you to create this look. A variety of options exist, including those designed to create stunning borders around your property and others with exceptional color. At Nurseryman, we offer a range of options ideally suited for these needs.

Invest in the Right Type of Shrubs for Your Property

Many varieties of plants exist that can create this type of seclusion. One such species is Griselinia (Broadleaf). This particular type of plant is rather fast-growing. It thrives in full sun areas. Some of the largest varieties can grow up to 15 metres when fully grown and well cared for on a consistent basis. When you want privacy, that is also easy to maintain, Griselinia can be an excellent hedge option.

One specific variety to consider is native Griselinia littoralis. With thick growth, this very fast-growing plant works well for those who want a quick hedge. Griselinia littoralis is native to New Zealand, which is one of the reasons it thrives well.

Another option to consider is Pittosporum. There are a lot of pittosporum selections and cultivars available, each one offering something beautiful. The native varieties such as tenuifolium and eugenoides are often used in farm plantings, but make great hedges as well as selections like Stephen's Island, Tasman Ruffles, and Wrinkle Blue.

A key benefit to any of these varieties is that they are easy to maintain. You will need to keep them pruned to the shape you desire, but they do not require a lot of maintenance or upkeep to keep them beautiful and lush. Be sure to learn as much as possible about the specific variety you desire before you make a purchase, though. Each one has a few different requirements to keep it growing at its very best.

Which One Is Right for You?

When the time comes to choose a plant for your garden or to outline your property, give our team at Nurseryman a call. We are available to talk to you about any of the plants we carry. If you are looking for a bit of insight into which plant to choose or perhaps how to plant any of the varieties we offer, we are happy to offer it to you. At Nurseryman, we are committed to providing you with exceptional access to the very best native plants.

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