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Phormium (Flax)

Use Phormium to Bring Subtle Colour and Form to Your Property

There are many reasons to invest in nursery plants like those that we offer. With a wide range of product options available, you can add as much color and beauty as you like to your home. At Nurseryman, we offer a large range of options perfectly suited to just about any needs you have. If you are looking for something special, be sure to reach out to our team to learn more.

Consider Phormium (Flax)

One of the nursery plants we often recommend to those who want subtle colour is Phormium. This type of plant, also known as New Zealand flax, is a stunning native choice. It grows as an evergreen with attractive foliage. Its bright green leaves range in size but develop in clumps. They are sword-shaped and have a narrow edge to them. This tends to grow red-orange in colour, offering just a burst of beautiful colour wherever it is planted. There is a range of native varieties available, tenax, cookianum, and dwarf Emerald Green, as well as the selections like Evening Glow, Jack Sprat, Platts Black, Black Rage just to name a few. You can place these plants next to each other to create a beautiful low hedge or place them individually in various areas of your garden for a stunning, unique look. In all cases, these tend to be a good choice for those who want a hardy plant that does not require a lot of hands-on work to keep it looking stunning.

For those who are looking for a popular and easy to maintain ornamental plant native to New Zealand, phormium is an excellent choice. However, at Nurseryman, we do offer many other options for you to take into consideration as well. Let our team offer suggestions to you on which of these plants may be the best choice for your home or your commercial property. For many people, this familiar-looking plant is an excellent choice.

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