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Carex Testacea

Add Carex Testacea to Your Landscape

When choosing plants for any type of landscape, it is important to consider the whole picture. Many people invest in larger shrubs as well as smaller flowers that offer a pop of color in the spring. Others place larger greenery without really filling in the open space to create a cohesive look. At Nurseryman, one of the best nurseries south of Christchurch, we encourage you to choose a variety of unique plants for any space.

One of those considerations is Carex testacea. This plant is also known as New Zealand hair sedge. It is quite an impressive, shorter grass. It pops out of the landscape and easily attracts the eye to it. Growing in a cascading clump often in the heart of a larger flowerbed or garden, this plant is an excellent choice to draw attention to a space. It does this with its light to olive green leaves which fall over on themselves in a cascading fashion. When the plant is in full sun, more of its rich copper and orange colours come out, making it a stunning display piece.

A variety of plants are available to create a beautiful and unique look. Carex testacea is just one of the options available to you. This plant does not require a lot of work. It is very versatile in where it will grow through it does its best in full sun and dryer conditions.

At Nurseryman, we are here to help you choose the right type of plants for any landscape.  We offer a wide selection of tall and short plants to fit any space just right. If you are unsure if this or another plant is right for your property, give our team a call. Let us help you to plan a stunning garden.

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