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Add Pittosporum Tenuifolium to Your Commercial Landscape

Are you looking for a way to dress up a commercial landscape? Perhaps you want something to truly define a space and create an attractive but stunning layout. One of the options available to you is pittosporum tenuifolium. This is one of the species of plants we offer at Nurseryman. For many reasons, this can be an exceptional choice to add to any landscape especially a sophisticated corporate plaza or public space.

What You Should Know

At our plant nursery, we have a variety of pittosporum species available. Many of these can work in a corporate landscape to create a stunning display. A good option is simply the native pittosporum tenuifolium.

This particular plant, also known as black matipo, is a fast-growing evergreen. It’s very dense, making it very easy to use for privacy or to define walkways and gardens. It can grow tall or be maintained at a small or moderate height. It is a clean, sophisticated-looking plant, one that is easy to place in an elegant garden. We also recommend it for its beautiful foliage and reddish-purple flowers. These are not bright and do not stand out significantly, but their scent only appears in the evening.

If you are considering this or other types of shrubs, contact our team at Nurseryman. As a plant nursery, we grow the very best quality plants ideal for all types of landscapes. You may not be sure what type of plant is best for your space or how to add this to the line up of other landscape plants already in place on your property. Let us help you. Our team is happy to offer recommendations to ensure you always have the right plant for any space.

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