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How to create a win-win-win situation

One of the best ways to bring a new client on board is to be referred to that company by someone they know and trust.

We hugely appreciate those who refer new customers to us, so we've decided to set up a dedicated system to reward those who do the referring.

Referrals are a win-win-win situation - a win for them as the new client, a win for you as the referrer, and a win for us as a vendor.

Once that new client has spent over the referral threshold of $4500+GST, this will be logged against your name as a Win. For every 3x new clients you win for us, you can redeem any reward up to the value of $500! There's no limit to how many times you can do this - everyone wins!

The first step is to send your contact an email with a recommendation, and copy us in (

Then jump in here and fill out the details to register the referral under your name.

Easy as!

Thanks for submitting!

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