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Miscanthus Morning Light, commonly known as Maiden Grass, is a striking ornamental grass prized for its elegant appearance and versatility in landscaping. With its narrow, arching leaves featuring fine white margins that shimmer in sunlight, Morning Light adds a touch of grace to any garden setting. This deciduous grass produces feathery pinkish-white plumes in late summer, further enhancing its visual appeal. Hardy to frost and tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, Morning Light thrives in well-drained soil with moderate moisture. Typically reaching a mature height of 1.5m and spreading 1m wide, it forms dense clumps that provide texture and structure to garden borders, mass plantings, or as a focal point in mixed perennial beds. Its resilience and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for landscape designers and homeowners seeking year-round interest and architectural elegance in their outdoor spaces. Best trimmed in winter to 20cm above ground level, ready for new shoots in spring.

Miscanthus Morning Light

Expected ready date Spring 2024
    • Temperature: Hardy
    • Light: Full sun
    • Moisture: Medium
    • Wind tolerance: Hardy


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