Leptospermum scoparium is the iconic NZ native – Manuka. Also known as tea tree, this fast grower is the nectar source for the highly valued, antibacterial Manuka honey. It has small scented leaves and single white flowers. Great for reveg projects. This species is often confused with the closely related species Kanuka - the easiest way to tell the difference between the two species in the field is to feel their foliage - Manuka leaves are prickly while Kanuka leaves are soft. Manuka sawdust also creates a beautiful flavor when smoking meat and fish. Requires full sun, and avoid heavy frosts. Evergreen. Grows to approx. 4m tall x 3m wide when mature.

Leptospermum scoparium

    • Temperature: Hardy
    • Light: Full sun
    • Moisture: Damp
    • Wind tolerance: Hardy

Note: Our products are classed into standard grades (see Grading under FAQs) but as we are selling a natural product these can vary beyond our control. Heights are indicative only (eg a small shrub or groundcover is naturally short), and pricing is based on maturity.

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