A handsome native, with lush bronze foliage. Very popular for hedges, it will grow to 3m tall if left but can easily be clipped to anywhere between 50cm and 2m high. It has small starry, yellow flowers that are mildly fragrant and are followed by small red berries. Little care required, but regular trims and fertilising will ensure nice form and dense growth if used as a hedge. Very hardy and can handle strong winds, coastal conditions and dry soils once established.


The following excerpt appeared in The Press newspaper July 2008:

As much as you might wish, it's not a hot chocolate with a jaffa, but Corokia Frosted Chocolate's brown leaves and red berries. Aptly named for its foliage colour, Frosted Chocolate adds drama to any garden. This hybrid native corokia, with its twisting, wiry, interlacing branches and small leaves, is excellent as a hedge and in a border. Its brown leaves make it an excellent backdrop for bright foliage plants, such as Phormium Evening Glow, Phormium Jester and Libertia Taupo Blaze, or it can be planted among river stones or in containers.


Winter conditions make it more delectable, turning its foliage an even deeper brown. Tolerant of dry conditions and prevailing winds, it is tough and versatile, withstanding even the hardest frosts. When using it as a hedge, trim it two to three times during the first year to encourage a bushy hedge. A light trim in spring will encourage the best colour. Then trim when necessary to maintain shape.

Corokia Frosted Chocolate

    • Temperature: Hardy
    • Light: Medium
    • Moisture: Medium
    • Soil: Medium
    • Wind tolerance: High

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